Planning For Packing Services


Packing made easy!

Are you dreading to have to pack your belongings? Yes, packing and unpacking can be a quite strenuous ordeal and customers often underestimate the time and energy that are required to do it properly, but you don’t have to do it yourself.

experienced and fastidious movers and packers are highly skilled to pack items of any quantity, value, or fragility, from a cabinet of heavy pots and pans to your finest crystal.

Which packing solution fits your needs?

Full packing service

Leave it all. moving professionals are trained at very own facilities, and they know just about everything there is to know about packing, loading and moving. meticulously wrap each item and provide you with an inventoried list of everything you’re moving, to help keep track of all of your belongings. Before pack or move any item, will protect your property covering surfaces like carpets, doors, and door jambs in both your old and new homes.

Fragile only

Perhaps you have some antique heirlooms, priceless art and décor, or some fragile knickknacks that are close to your heart?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) packing

Are determined to do it yourself? No problem, Moving and Storage Services will provide you with all the packing materials you need, such as boxes, tape, and protective wrap, and leave all the packing up to you.

How Much Do Professional Packers Cost?

Packing Services Cost

The cost to pack a home ranges from $270 to $2,200, with an average of $1,000. This total includes materials and labor to pack boxes and furniture. Hiring a pro to pack and unpack runs $370 to $3,600.

Moving between homes can be tedious. Packing takes a lot of time and might damage your belongings if you’re not careful. Hiring a service saves time and lets you focus on other aspects related to moving. Here are several price factors you’ll want to consider as you prepare.

Professional Packers Cost

The $270 to $2,200 cost to hire professional packers relates to the number of bedrooms and the total square feet.

Packing Service Cost by Home Size

Packing costs average $1,000, depending on the size of your home. The average price by the number of bedrooms is:

1 bedroom: $400

2 bedrooms: $725

3 bedrooms: $1,500

Keep in mind that square footage determines the total as much as the number of rooms. If you have a two-bedroom house that is 1,500 square feet, you’ll pay $1,000 to $2,200.

Cost to Pack a House by the Hour

At $50 to $120 per hour for labor, the rate you pay depends on the number of hours you need for the job:

400 to 1,250 square feet: 2 to 5 hours.

1,250+ square feet: 6 to 12 hours.

The total price per hour depends on the number of packers. If you schedule three pros instead of two, usually for 3+ bedrooms, you’ll pay a higher hourly rate.

Packaging  Your Items with Professional Packing Services

Packing services are a great choice and value for any client looking to have a fast and efficient move. This level of moving service will make sure you have a hands free move that will keep your stress low while getting a good value. Automating your service is a great choice and can result in a easy and stress free move

Packing Services Can Make Moving Fast and Easy

Anyone who has moved before knows well, packing is one of the most tedious parts to the moving process. professional packers will make sure your belongings are properly protected and secured to avoid any potential damage. packers and movers are well trained by our veterans to make sure all of your kitchenware and electronics are properly packed.

All Packing Supplies and Equipment Are Free of Charge

will make sure to send the packers and movers with enough boxes, tape, and packaging paper to pack any and every valuable possession that you own. All supplies and equipment are included at no additional cost with the purchase of services. can make sure your move is handled right from start to finish with professional grade supplies and equipment at no additional costs.

Removal Packing Services

The safety of your belongings starts from the packing. Planning and preparation are important to efficient and successful move. Many removalists offer packing and unpacking services. This will remove the stress in packing and organising and will also save you a lot of time doing the arduous tasks. You can also take advantage of the removalists’ expertise in packing for moving. However, you also have the option to self-pack.

One Month Before Move

Booked with movers. Shop around and choose the moving company that can address all your moving needs. Be on the lookout for hidden charges and the cheapest isn’t always your best choice.

Decided whether to let the removalists pack or do the packing yourself.

If you are doing the packing, you should start researching and learning how to pack for moving.

Bought initial packing supplies.

Started decluttering and organising the things to pack, sell, donate or discard.

Started packing items for storage.

Hold your first garage sale.

Two Weeks Before Move

Bought all required packing supplies.

Shipped boxes for storage.

Start packing non-essentials. Extra beddings, kitchen implements not being used, personal collections, extra clothes and toys.

Cleaned out your pantry, cabinets and closets.

Taken down wall décors, boxed fragile tableware and other non-essential kitchen items.

Hold your final garage sale.

Donate or discard all items you will not be bringing with you.

One Week Before Move

Organise and pack outdoor items – lawnmowers, garden implements and other equipment. Give away potted plants you will not be bringing with you.

Boxed all non-essentials.

Start sealing boxes of non-essentials and rarely-used items.

Marked the boxes. Colour coding the boxes will make it easier for you to unpack.

Three Days Before Move

Confirmed booking with the removalist. Confirm the time they will be arriving, the names of the moving crew and ask if there’s anything you need to prepare for them.

Boxed everything, leaving one open for the essentials that you’re still using.

Emptied freezers. Unplug and clean all appliances. Box those that you will be bringing into your new home.

Marked all the boxes.

Identified items that will travel with you like jewellery, important documents, two sets of clothes for each member of the family, medicines, formula, electronic items and their respective accessories, some toys for the children and other essentials.

One Day Before Move

Have all boxes sealed and marked.

Have everything ready for the movers.

Packed the items and bags that will be travelling with you.

Cash ready for travel expenses.


Movers offers packing services that can be customized to meet your specific needs, regardless of your home size. Packing is arguably the most difficult (or at least the most boring) part of moving. The time that it takes to pack your items can be very overwhelming. If you either don’t have the time or simply don’t feel like doing it yourself, can provide the packing materials and professional movers and packers to assist with your packing needs

Full Pack

If you would rather not pack anything at all, can send packing team to your home to pack up everything from the garage to the kitchen. A full pack service is almost always done a day before the move itself, as it can take quite some time depending on the size and/or contents of your home. can leave out any items you may need the night before the move, and can quickly pack those up on the day of your move.

Partial Pack

This is the most popular option that customers select. This allows you to keep costs down by doing some of the “easier” packing yourself. If you don’t mind packing some of your items on your own, but decide you need help with the fragile or more difficult items, happy to help. team of packers will bring out a variety of boxes to pack what is needed. You are only charged for the boxes that are used to pack your items.

For liability and safety reasons, we will not pack or transport any of the following items:




Important personal papers (deeds, wills, etc.)


Perishable foods

Cleaning supplies/chemicals

Paints and paint thinners

Gasoline and other flammable liquids