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The Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

No matter if you’re relocating to a new apartment or buying a new house, moving can be pretty stressful. When you have a lot on your mind—packing up, picking renters insurance plans, changing your mailing address—cleaning the place you’re moving out of can quickly fall down to the bottom of your to-do list. While hiring a cleaning service can help you check off this task, handling it yourself will save you some money and lets you tackle the cleaning on your own schedule. Decided to do the cleaning yourself? We’ve compiled the move-out cleaning checklist below so you can quickly make sure you have all of the frequently forgotten spots covered.

Renter’s Guide to Move-Out Cleaning

If you’re a renter, cleaning before you move out is important in order to get your security deposit back and to avoid a cleaning fee from your landlord or the building’s management company. Before you start scrubbing, confirm what the expectations are. Sometimes management will provide their own cleaning list for you, and some leases will even state upfront what the costs will be if the place isn’t properly cleaned before you move out. Below are the move-out cleaning basics you should be sure to cover.

Cleaning Tips

Clean from top to bottom. Just like we recommend for your regular cleaning routine, dust surfaces high up in the room, like ceiling fans or shelves, before cleaning lower surfaces, like floors. This way, you won’t accidentally waft dust onto just-cleaned areas.

Work in stages. Depending upon how large the space is, cleaning all at once may be overwhelming. Break it up into chunks of time, starting with the areas you’ll use the least between now and move-out day, such as a guest bedroom.

Allot time for last-minute cleaning. Even if you clean in advance of move-out day, there are some things you’ll have to clean right before you leave, like the bathroom. Remember that once the furniture is moved out, you’ll likely have to sweep up the dust bunnies that are uncovered.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Dust the ceiling fans       

Try the pillowcase trick or this looped duster.

Remove any nails or screws from the walls            

If you used hardware to hang up artwork or shelves, now’s the time to remove them and fill the holes with putty.

Wipe down walls and molding     

A dry microfiber mop will make quick work of this. Grab a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get out any scuffs or marks.

Clean the windows and wipe window ledges         

Wash the doors

Wipe them down with a damp microfiber cloth

Sweep and vacuum, then mop the floors 

Dust any vents or exhaust fans    

Dust blinds or window treatments (if you’re leaving them)


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Things You Must Do When Moving Out of Your Apartment

When it’s time to move on from your apartment, it’s tempting to just throw your stuff in some boxes and go. But, not so fast. Remember when you initially signed your lease and paid your first and last month’s rent? That’s right….you also paid a hefty deposit

Give Ample Notice

Check your lease to know what’s required; on a month-to-month lease, it is typically 30 days, but make sure you give written notice at the correct time

Check the Balance

“Ensure that all rents and fees have been paid in full,” says, vice president of operations at apartment manager and developer Kittler Management. It’s not unusual for tenants to think they’ve paid their maintenance fees and realize they haven’t, for example.

Leave No Trace

You don’t want to leave anything behind, whether it’s trash or a really sweet couch that you think the next tenant might like, says, a cleaning expert from Merry Maids. Even if you thinking you’re being helpful and leaving cleaning supplies or other “necessities,” the landlord may not see it that way and charge you.

Clean, Clean, Clean.

The importance of this cannot be overestimated. Johnson recommends tackling your cleaning procedures from the top of the room and working your way down:

Begin by removing any cobwebs from the ceiling, track lighting or ceiling fans.

Next move to the windows – vacuum window treatments, or wash and launder them, before hanging them back up. Use a microfiber cloth to dust and follow up by washing the blinds or shutters with warm water and wood cleaner, floor cleaner or dish-washing liquid. These all have a neutral pH and are safe to use on these surfaces, she notes.

Wash any other wood items in the room and evaluate the condition of the baseboards, doors and window trim to determine if washing is sufficient, or if it’s time to do some repainting.

Check the walls for scrapes or scratches and repair the spots, as necessary. Patch up any holes from wall mounts with spackling paste “Depending on the condition, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint on the walls if your lease permits it,” she adds.

Finally, finish the room by cleaning the floors. If it’s a carpeted surface, you may only need to vacuum; however, after moving, you might consider hiring a carpet cleaner. If it’s a hard surface, be sure to wash or steam the floors.

Don’t overlook details: In the bathrooms and kitchen, the inside of the cabinets and drawers should be washed. And the shower might need some extra TLC. “One cleaning will not typically suffice – the shower may be a daily project until the surface is completely restored and may take several days to tackle,” says

Make Ready Cleaning

This is also known as Move-In/Move Out Cleaning. This type of clean is needed when moving in/out of a new apartment or home. make it ready for someone else to move in. During a make ready cleaning professionals sanitize all surfaces including inside/outside all kitchen/bathroom cabinets and inside/outside kitchen appliances. clean even behind kitchen appliances if possible. have a make ready checklist that the cleaning staff uses to ensure that nothing is missed. Whether you are preparing for a rental tenant or doing rehab for retail, professionals can help you get show ready

Make ready cleaning is not common knowledge. It is something better left to the experts. This type of cleaning takes a skilled eye and an attitude of excellence. When a family moves out of a home, there are all types of dirt and grime left behind. During this type of clean, it is necessary to sanitize every surface. After all, moving into a new home is enough stress without having to worry about what may be on the surface of the things that your kids keep touching

Make ready cleaning can be very time-consuming work because it is a sanitation clean. During a make ready cleaning our professionals sanitize all surfaces including inside/outside all kitchen/bathroom cabinets and inside/outside kitchen appliances. This type of clean is needed when moving in/out of a new apartment or home. Sometimes tenants leave property without performing move out cleaning. This can be stressful on management and the tenant. Please note that all furniture, debris, clutter and other trash must be removed prior to cleaning. This is a clean-only service. If you are in need of trash-out services please let office know when getting an estimate. The house or apartment must be vacant and the utilities (water and electricity) must be turned on.

Move Out Cleaning

When tenants move in and out of an apartment, it is necessary to hire a professional for move out cleaning. You should be able to show an apartment without having to make excuses or be embarrassed. Make ready cleaning can be an asset to keeping vacancy at a minimum.

Rental Property

Rental property can be an excellent form of income if it is maintained properly. Make ready cleaning is very important when considering rental property. Prospective tenants aren’t just looking for any place to live, they are looking for a good place to live. When showing rental property, a tenant doesn’t just look at the potential of the place. Move out cleaning is one of the things potential renters are looking for. The tenant looks at how well maintained the property is. If the property is poorly maintained it gives the impression of carelessness. This also lets the tenant know that the landlord or property manager is less likely to repair maintenance issues. This is why it is so important to clean up your rental property before showing it. That will help fill gaps in occupancy quicker.