About The Show

They will entertain, and keep audience locked down for 30 mins weekly cross various digital and terrestrial channels. We will also syndicate help write my essay on various platforms ONLINE and on various Mobile and Android applications.

The show is in 3 segments, the opening segment where they shop for 3-5 minutes, follow by 30 seconds opening montage and cut to the kitchen for today’ pillow comparison chart s melodious and bubbling recipe that runs for 15 – 18 minutes. In this segment the duo shows how to prep your meal for weeks or days. Each episode concludes with a guest Nutritionist breaking down nutritional composition. A recap plus bonus recipe is display and sign out.

About The Show

The 2 Cooks, a Beautiful, loveable, and endearing female cook,
shares a kitchen with a charming, handy and
Very creative cook.

The shopping, the adventure to cookery land, the chemistry,
the benefits, and sumptuous meals produced at the
show will generate much conversation and open numerous
windows to engage these massive audience

1. Title: Smart Cooks
2. Duration: 25 minutes TV broadcast
3. Platform NTA (Sunday Btw 5.00-6.30pm)DSTV/(option of -Africa Magic Family ), ONLINE, Mobile APP
4. Duration: 13 Episode (1qtr)
5. Synopsis:SMART COOKS is a 25 minutes cooking show designed to take viewers on a holistic experience

  • From shopping for affordable ingredients,
  • Through the making of the meals and
  • careful analysis of Nutritional components and comparison to WHOs RDA

6. Target Audience: Millennia, Family, Women, Students and Food Merchants.
8. For Contact details, see next page.

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